Friday 10th of April 2020

Tutoring Mac

Have problems maximizing your productivity on your Mac? Feeling overwhelmed by your computer? Don't worry! We can help you accomplish exactly what you want using your computer. We cover all aspects of computers form beginner to advanced.

Our lessons cover:

  • Mac Basics (Files, Folders, Applications, Apple Menu, Top menubar and the Desktop)
  • Internet Basics (surfing with Safari, using Mac Mail, composing new emails)
  • Internet Advanced (Searching and finding specific content, reading news, social networking, chatting)
  • Internet Multimedia (Watching videos, photo booth, video chatting, audio conferencing)
  • Office Basics (Word, Powerpoint)
  • Office Advanced (Excel, Access)
  • Networking Basics (Connecting to different internet networks)
  • Networking Advanced (Setting up VPNs, routers, file and printer sharing)

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