Friday 10th of April 2020

Electronics Phones

Services we offer for cell phones:
  • Free diagnostics and quote for your phone  (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc...)
  • Unlock your phone to use another SIM card  (travelling overseas, changed carrier, etc..)
  • Replace broken or damaged screen  (broken LCD, damaged digitizer, etc..)
  • Repair software problems (stuck screen, random restarts, not working properly, etc..)
  • Repair hardware problems with phone  (mic not working, speakers don't work, water damage, etc..)

Below is a price list for the most common cell phone services we offer. Please contact us for prices on other services not listed below.


Jailbreak and Unlock$50
3G/3GS Screen Replacement


Iphone 4 Screen Replacement


Data Recovery



Unlock  $30
Operating System installation $40
Data Recovery



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