Friday 10th of April 2020

Mac Hardware Upgrades and Repair

We offer many hardware upgrades and repairs for your Mac.

Hardware Upgrades 

Hard Disk Upgrades

HD Desktop Laptop
250 GB $60 $75
500 GB $80 $100
1 TB $100 $170
1.5 TB $115 $320
2 TB $130 NA

Memory Upgrades

RAM Desktop Laptop
1GB DDR1 $70 $70
1GB DDR2 $40 $50
2GB DDR2 $60 $70
1GB DDR3 $40 $50
2GB DDR3 $60 $70
4GB DDR3 $110 $130

Hardware Upgrades

Is your iMac or macbook overheating or shutting down randomly? We can help. Excessive heat reduces the lifetime of your computer and can lead to serious electronic damage if left untreated. We offer different "Heat" packages that can extend the life of your Mac and make it more usable.

Heat Packages

Advanced Desktop Basic
Advanced Laptop
Clean the motherboard from dust
Disassemble and clean out the fans

Re-apply thermal paste to components

Stress test system to ensure stability

Bios and Operating System optimizations

$50 $100 $100 $140

Broken/Damaged LCD Screen Replacement

Dropped your laptop, sat on it. Dont worry! You don't need to get a new computer. We can replace your laptop screen.

15" or smaller Larger than 15"
$200 $225

Liquid Damage

If you spilled water, coffee, juice or even beer on your computer, we can help. First unplug the charger and remove the battery and DO NOT attempt to open the computer  since that could cause further damage. Bring you computer into our Montreal location and our team will perform free diagnostics on your mac. Water damage repairs generally range from $200-300.


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